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     You might think that because you are a small company HR issues are not a concern for you.  However, are you aware that there are over 30 labor laws that apply to your organization  even if you only have one employee on the payroll...?

 ...that is where I come in! I can be your HR Business Partner! With over 24 years of  experience, I have worked in all areas of Human Resources. I created an HR Department and  maintained it as the HR Manager. I was the Branch Manager for a staffing service and helped  many diverse companies with not only their staffing needs but HR concerns as well. As an HR  Director, I revamped a Human Resources Department and was instrumental in the successful  transition and opening of a new facility.

 ...but what I am most proud of is my work ethic and personal integrity! Cultivating  relationships to deliver exceptional results is what I do best. Whether it is recruiting great  candidates, working to help fulfill a company's strategic goals, or being a strong community  partner; I have always strived to build and maintain relationships based on trust! 

                                                                                                                         --Karen Hickling

NorKare Consulting, LLC is a Human Resources consulting company with a wide range of expertise within the HR field. NorKare Consulting supports small and emerging companies who otherwise may not have access to key HR information and knowledge.

We can also setup an HR Department, or help your existing HR staff with issues they may have and be a resource for them... 

Who We Are

"Cultivating relationships to deliver exceptional results is what I do best "     --Karen Hickling

Karen's Message

Putting the pieces of the Human Resources puzzle together is not just our tag line, but it is the mission of NorKare Consulting. We will help you navigate through the complicated and frustrating human resources issues and help you determine what makes sense for your organization.

Our services are flexible, from full service to a la carte. We will take pieces of that HR puzzle and put them together to fit your needs. Whether you want us to come in and conduct training, write an employee handbook, or help address all your HR tasks...

​​​​​Our Mission

"We can be your external Human Resources Business Partner"

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​​​"Putting the pieces of the Human Resources Puzzle together"


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